We love our patients. We value their time by running our appointments smoothly. However, our top priority is making sure every patient receives the best dental care. This means that, occasionally, our waiting room of our dentist office gets its use.

Can I bring a waffle maker?

Most of us are familiar the general atmosphere of a dentist office waiting room. The unspoken rules between patients usually go over well with the whole room—don’t bring obnoxious entertainment or distracting (crunchy, messy) foods. Along with the usual courteous rules we follow when we are out in public, here are a few unspoken rules of the dentist office waiting room.

  1. In the waiting room, there is no need to pry into what brings the other patients to the office. If you are looking to make conversation, that might sound like a great place to start. After all, it is something you all have in common. Most patients don’t mind discussing their dental health. However, for the few that do it is best to steer clear of the subject.  
  2. Waiting rooms are best when conversations are held in hushed tones. You are in a space that is meant to be shared with every other patient. A loud conversation or electronic device might be much more annoying than you realize. It is always best to use your inside voice and mute your phone.
  3. You should arrive at the office prepared. Let’s say the dentist office you are visiting has a crowded waiting room. Due to unknown situations, the order of appointments is not running as smoothly as it usually does. The last thing you want to do is cause the wait to be even longer. Plan to arrive early. Have the correct paperwork ready to go.

Contact the office if you have any questions about your first visit to Dean Dental Solutions.


No one is excited about waiting in a dentist office waiting room. This is especially true when you have dental patients under the age of 12 to entertain. Here are a few fun games that are great for dentist office waiting rooms because they can be played quietly.

  • Guess which object has been removed. This is a great game to help kids work on their memory skills. All you need is 20 small objects. Display them on a table—or the ground—and give your kids a specified amount of time to memorize the objects. When time is up, have them close their eyes while you secretly remove one of the items. When they open their eyes they must guess which item is missing.
  • Catch a penny on your shoe. Need a game with more movement? All you need for this game is a penny. See if your kids can drop the penny and have it land, and stay on their shoe.