Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you need to be somewhere immediately or you’re about to give a very important presentation when all of a sudden you feel sharp, unbearable pain in your teeth? Not an ideal time for it to happen, but instead of fretting over the pain or feeling frustrated, your tooth pain should be dealt with care and precaution.

Tooth pain is one of those terrible pains that can prevent one from functioning or working properly. It can take the joy out of the fun moments in life, make people miserable and sometimes adversely affect one’s health.

Although, visiting your dentist to have a proper diagnosis should be the ideal way to go about your tooth pain but of course, sometimes you need an instant relief to stop letting the pain ruin your day. Below are three quick remedies that can help reduce that horrible tooth ache.


1. Clove Oil

Clove oil is one of the best natural remedies that’s effective due to its painkilling and anti-bacterial properties; these properties quickly assist in reducing your tooth pain. It has been used for centuries in relieving all sorts of pain and is quite popular in Chinese and Indian medicines as it contains Eugenol which acts as a natural antiseptic.  

In order to try this remedy, take some clove oil on a cotton ball or cotton swab and dab it on the afflicted area around the gums or teeth. Leave it there for as long as required and it will help decrease the pain. Similarly chewing on a dried clove can help release the oil while holding it in place, however avoid using your tongue in the process as the taste won’t be very pleasing.


2. Garlic Paste to Relieve Tooth Pain

Another natural ingredient that can help relieve the tooth pain is garlic, which when crushed releases a natural antibacterial agent called allicin. In order to use it, crush a garlic to make a paste and apply it to affected area or you can simple chew on a clove to reduce some of your tooth pain. However, you may want to have some mint afterwards to fix your breath.


3. Saltwater Rinse

Lastly, a saltwater rinse is an effective method to help reduce the tooth pain. Simply mix some salt in warm water, swish it around inside your mouth and spit it out. The saline mix acts as a good antiseptic that can prevent the bacteria from spreading and reduce the infection. Although, it may not completely remove your pain in which case it is highly recommended to visit a dentist in case the tooth pain doesn’t subside after a few days.

All in all, these natural remedies provide quick, temporary relief from your tooth pain. However, in order to permanently get rid of the pain for good, it is better to visit your dentist and have your teeth properly checked out.