If a toothache doesn’t let you sleep and your gums keep troubling you, chances are you may or may not need a root canal. Maybe, you already know that you need one, but you have heard stories about how painful a root canal can be, so you’re avoiding it on purpose.

Let us tell you something. With the latest technology and the right dentist by your side, you’ll be surprised to find out how painless the entire procedure actually is. It is often more painful to continue with a damaged or infected tooth than to get it treated.

So in order to get rid of the discomfort and pain, here are 5 signs that indicate it’s time to book an appointment with your dentist.


1. Tooth Discolouration

If you have been noticing a change in color in one of your teeth to a dull grey or even blackish shade, this may show signs of infection inside of your tooth. In order to treat the underlying infection, a root canal is required and in some cases, internal tooth bleaching may be needed to restore the original color of the tooth.


2. Swelling in Gums

An infection doesn’t only affect the color of the tooth, it can also harm the gums leading to swollen, tender or red gums that badly hurt when touched. In some cases, a pimple-like bump can also be formed on your gums where the infection has spread. It is wise to be on the lookout for such signs and immediately contact your dentist to have it checked.


3. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Temperature

Have you ever felt a sudden sharp pain in your teeth while eating ice cream or drinking an iced beverage on a hot sunny day? To top it off, the pain doesn’t stop and lasts longer than a quick minute. Similarly, you may have experienced an ache that transitions from being dull to sharp while having a hot cup of tea or even coffee.

This pain indicates an aching tooth with damaged blood vessels and nerves. Usually, sensitivity to hot and cold food items doesn’t necessarily mean you need a root canal, but if that pain lingers long enough, chances are only a root canal can solve this problem.


4. Chipped or Cracked Teeth Can Lead to a Root Canal

Sometimes one can damage the exterior part of the tooth while biting into hard foods or running into an accident while playing sports. This can expose the nerves beneath the surface to infection and bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and spread. To prevent the infection from spreading further, a root canal may need to be performed.


5. Sensitivity Without Triggers

Prolonged sensitivity of teeth & gums irrespective of coming in contact with hot or cold food can be a sign of a damaged root which can’t heal on its own. Only a dentist can treat and remove this sort of pain and infection.

To sum it up, if you’re experiencing any of the above signs, then you shouldn’t keep ignoring your pain, and book an appointment with your dentist immediately.