Not all accidents need urgent dental care, but those that do depend on you finding a 24-hour dentist in time to repair your tooth.

Fortunately, our urgent dentist understands that toothaches or abscesses can’t always wait. 


When Do You Need Urgent Dental Care?

Toothache: See your emergency dentist as soon as you feel discomfort or pain.

Broken, chipped, or cracked tooth: Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to your face. Go to the dentist right away. If the tooth was broken or chipped, bring the tooth fragment wrapped in wet gauze or a damp towel.

Loosened or knocked-out tooth: If your tooth becomes loose due to trauma, call your dentist. For a knocked-out tooth, gently insert the lost tooth back in its socket if possible, holding the tooth by the crown using a clean washcloth. If the tooth is dirty, first rinse the root, but do not scrub it or remove any attached tissues. If reinsertion is not possible, hold the tooth under the tongue and go to the dentist immediately.


Why Do You Need Urgent Care?

An urgent care dentist is likely to offer the same services as traditional dental offices. However, urgent care is meant for difficult situations so dentists may prioritize emergency dental services over routine x-rays, cleanings, and exams.

Some common dental conditions that an urgent dental care office may treat include:

  • Replacing knocked out teeth
  • Fixing a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Treating toothaches
  • Filling cavities
  • Whitening teeth
  • Repairing or replacing dental crowns and fillings
  • Performing root canals
  • Performing tooth extractions


In addition to urgent dental care services, we can help you protect your teeth from illness or injury. For example, a custom mouth guard will protect your teeth and gums while playing contact sports. The last thing you want is to have your season cut short by a dental emergency.

A mouthguard made by our dentist is different from what you can get at the store because it is custom fit to the contours of your teeth and gums. Our mouthguards are more comfortable to wear, allowing you to breathe and drink with ease so you can focus on the game.

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