Nothing displays your confidence quite like a bright and healthy smile. Our teeth gradually darken over time due to aging and exposure to certain foods and drinks, but a whiter smile can help you feel younger, more refreshed, and more confident. If you are wondering how to make your teeth whiter and how to smile with confidence, read on; learn from the experts in cosmetic dentistry in Arkansas.

Why is a confident, bright smile important?

A smile is such an important function that it can actually trigger a chemical reaction to boost your mood. While depression is known to weaken the immune system, happiness has the inverse effect and can boost the body’s resistance. Researchers from the University of Kansas show that smiling actually helps reduce the body’s response to stress, lower the heart rate, and reduce blood pressure. In tense times, a smile can go a long way for your own body, as well as to brighten the day of others.

We believe there are numerous reasons why smiles are important. A genuine smile does not have to be perfect; it is uniquely and beautifully you and a representation of joy. However, when you feel self-conscious about your smile, you may find that fixing it is an easier and quicker process than you thought. A brighter smile can allow you to laugh freely without holding back and be more present to enjoy life’s special moments.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

If you have stains on your teeth from years of coffee or tea consumption, you may benefit from a professional teeth whitening. Our patients often find that they can remove years of evident stains in one short treatment.

However, the best candidates for teeth whitening have a healthy mouth that needs no other treatment. Scheduling the whitening procedure for the day after a cleaning is ideal, since teeth are at their cleanest state and plaque build-up has been freshly removed.

Be sure you are current on cleanings and examinations so the whitening solution can easily break through the barrier to reach deeper stains. In order to achieve the best results, remember to brush and floss daily, and rinse your mouth out after eating and drinking dark-colored foods or drinks, like coffee or berries.

How does it work?

At Dean Dental Solutions, we offer a few options for professional teeth whitening. In each variety, a safe solution is applied to the teeth. It is completely customized and dentist approved, so you know you are getting the best quality whitening service. Additionally, the process is quick; you can choose from an option done entirely in the dental chair in under one hour to a custom take-home kit that lasts five to ten days.

Mistakes to avoid

One mistake that people make when exploring teeth whitening is not fully understanding the possible dangers or lack of results from DIY whitening (especially with sensitive teeth or receding gums). A dentist can check your mouth to make sure it is healthy enough to proceed with a teeth whitening procedure, and if needed, they can perform a deep cleaning of the teeth to get them ready for it.

Consider, also, the tools used for these procedures. The completely customized trays and strips involved in a professional whitening are designed just for you, so you can avoid irritating your gums with the one-size-fits-all format of store-bought kits. While some whitening strips used in moderation can remove light stains, the process of chasing a professional level of brightness with store-bought whitening kits is often what leads to tooth enamel damage, which can put you at higher risk for tooth decay.

Another consideration that a dentist will need to assist with is that additions to the mouth, such as porcelain crowns, cannot be lightened by teeth whitening. Your dentist can create a custom plan for you to account for this, whereas store-bought whitening kits generally cannot (and will thus brighten your teeth unevenly).

One final mistake to avoid is not precisely following the steps that your dentist recommends for a professional take-home whitening kit. Though this option may be the most convenient, its success still depends on your adherence to the dentist’s instructions. The good news is that even with take-home kits, the results are significantly better and far safer because they still require you to work with your dentist, giving them a chance to ensure that there are no underlying issues and that your gums and teeth will remain safe.

Life after teeth whitening

The results of professional teeth whitening are a brighter and healthier smile. And, as mentioned earlier, the more you smile, the better you can feel. Smiling has the ability to improve all areas of your life, boosting your mood, brightening the days of those around you, and even improving your overall physical health. Not to mention, knowing that you have avoided the risks that come with at-home whitening alternatives can put your mind at ease.

The results of teeth whitening are long-lasting and can give your teeth a chance to become stronger, thus providing you with a healthier mouth. The increased social confidence in your smile will also mean a pleasant self-esteem boost, and since whiter teeth are often associated with a more youthful appearance, life after teeth whitening can even offer an anti-aging component.

Take the next step

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