At Dean Dental Solutions, we know that good dental hygiene is a daily consideration. Here are a few tips from our team. Looking for a local dentist in the North Little Rock area? Consider Dean Dental Solutions for your next cleaning. We offer a wide variety of services to keep your smile as healthy as you are.  

Drink water frequently throughout the day.

Following this tip will benefit your health in more ways than just better dental health. Why is drinking water frequently good for your teeth? Water helps neutralize the acid levels in your mouth. Drink water after drinking your favorite soft drink or a sugary drink to help rinse the sugar off your teeth.

Just don’t chew on the ice. This is a common bad habit. Your enamel is tough. Ice is also pretty tough. Don’t risk a cracked tooth by chewing on ice.

Chew sugar-free gum.

Chewing any kind of gum will cause your mouth to produce more saliva. The sugar in regular bubble gum prevents this extra saliva from doing anything to benefit your dental health.  Sugar-free gum—or even gum specific for dental hygiene—will stimulate your mouth to produce more saliva. This saliva will work to provide extra protection for your teeth.

Protect your teeth.

This could be as simple as remembering to wear a mouthguard every time you participate in sporting activities. Organized sporting events often require mouthguards to ensure the safety of the players.

Only use your teeth for chewing.

During your time off the field, you can protect your teeth by not using them as a tool. Your teeth are for chewing only. Don’t use them to open packages, hold things when your hands are full, or to undo difficult knots.

Are you guilty of using your teeth as a tool? Teeth are often used because they are convenient. Try to improve on this bad habit by making handy tools convenient throughout your day.

Visit your local dentist for a cleaning every 6 months.

Seeing your local dentist for regular cleaning is the best thing you can do to prevent major dental issues. During your visit at Dean Dental Solutions we’ll help you remember by scheduling out your next appointment.

Need another way to remember? You need a new toothbrush every 3 months. When you visit your dentist for a cleaning, we’ll give you a new toothbrush. In this case, you only need to buy a toothbrush every 6 months. If you are buying two toothbrushes in a row, it’s time to schedule a cleaning.

Brush your tongue.

Don’t forget to clean your tongue when you brush your teeth. The bacteria left sitting on your tongue is often the culprit behind bad breath. This bacteria can also cause other problems, like decay.