Dental Urgent Care

Dental Urgent Care Specialist

No matter how much North Little Rock, AR area residents take good care of their teeth, unexpected situations may happen. Dr. John Dean, a dentist at Dean Dental Solutions, provides dental urgent care for all area residents.

Dental Urgent Care Q & A

When Is Urgent Dental Care Available?

Urgent dental care is available during all office hours and we have a total of 10 patient rooms. If patients have an urgent dental care need, they only need to call ahead to let the office staff know that they are on the way. This allows the Dean Dental Solutions staff to prepare for any urgent care that may be required and allows the office staff to rearrange the schedule to fit the urgent patient in. 

When Is it an Urgent Dental Situation?

There are a wide range of situations that may lead patients to seek urgent dental care. A knocked out tooth, a broken tooth, major swelling in the mouth, or around the mouth, significant bleeding in the mouth, a non-food object getting stuck in the mouth, or major toothaches that over-the-counter medication cannot help with. An urgent dental care concern is one that just cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled dental visit. Patients who have any questions about whether something is urgent need to call the Dean Dental Solutions staff and they will help you determine whether it is best to be seen right away or whether it can be managed at home.

What Happens if a Tooth Is Knocked Out?

Knocked out teeth are a somewhat common dental care emergency, especially for young people and very active people. Just because a tooth has been knocked out does not mean that it cannot be saved. To have the best odds of preserving the tooth for reimplantation, drop the tooth into a glass of cow’s milk (the regular full fat version.) Regular cow’s milk has a number of natural preservatives that will keep the tooth alive until the patient can make it to the dentist. However, the window is fairly narrow, so it is best to head to the dentist with the tooth immediately.