Same Day Crowns

Dental Crown Specialist

When you visit the dentist’s office and it is determined that you need a crown, the last thing you want to do is schedule an additional appointment and wait to get the care you need. After all, you’ve already taken the time to make this appointment and disrupt your normal routine to make it here. As important as dental care is, we understand that it’s not necessarily the most fun thing to do. We live busy enough lives as it is; it can be incredibly difficult to make time to visit the dentist not just once, but twice. When you come to our office at Dean Dental, we do whatever we can to get you taken care of all in one visit, whenever possible!


That’s why we offer same day dentistry in North Little Rock, and included in these services are same day crowns. By offering same day dental work, we provide our patients with quick, convenient care that makes it easy to achieve a radiant, healthy smile.

What is a Dental Crown?


A crown is a cover for a natural tooth, made from either ceramic or porcelain. It completely covers the front and back of the tooth, and are custom created to match the color of and blend in with your natural teeth. Crowns are installed for a variety of reasons. Functionally, crowns are often placed over a tooth following a root canal or dental implants. They are meant to protect the tooth or implant, while maintaining a natural appearance. They can even be installed simply for aesthetic purposes. Chipped, broken, and discolored teeth that don’t take to whitening products can all be covered with a crown to restore your smile!


Just as your natural teeth can show signs of wear and tear, so can crowns. Luckily, with proper care, dental crowns will usually last for a decade or more. Crowns are cared for just like regular teeth! They can (and should be) gently brushed and flossed to remove sticky build-up from food and bacteria. If the need does arise for a replacement crown, all we have to do is make another custom crown and bond it to your tooth.


Benefits of Same Day Crowns

The biggest benefit of a same day crown is how efficient they make your visit to the dentist. You get the convenience of one visit to the dentist. You won’t have to be fitted with a temporary crown, followed by another visit to receive a permanent crown a few weeks later. Same day crowns are created in-office with the help of on-site technology. Digital imaging will capture an image of the damaged tooth, 3D technology is used to create the custom crown for it, and then the technology does the work to create the crown while you wait. 


After that, your dentist will bond the crown to the surface of the old tooth, and then you’ll be good to go! With today’s technology and advancements, most patients can benefit from the ease of same day dental work. 

Emergency Crown Services

Have you ever chipped a tooth or had a crown come loose while you’re out-and-about? If you answered yes, then you know how stressful it can be to experience a dental emergency while you’re on your own. Fortunately, Dean Dental has an emergency dentist on staff to see patients who need help right away. We don’t often plan for worst-case scenarios when it comes to our teeth, which is why we want to be available for our patients in the moments when they need us most. Our dentists can be there for you if you need an emergency crown; all you have to do is give us a call and let us know you’re on the way to our office! There is no need to make an appointment and wait for availability in circumstances like these; we truly want to take care of our patients!


While a loose crown isn’t necessarily a life-threatening emergency, it can still cause you to experience pain or discomfort. Plus, the tooth it was covering can become more damaged if you wait too long to have it repaired or replaced. Our emergency crown services make it easy to receive prompt care when you need it most, not weeks after the incident. When you visit us, we will prepare the tooth to have the crown installed again. We will make sure the crown is securely fitted to your tooth, so that it won’t easily fall off again.


Same Day Dentistry in North Little Rock

If you are looking for same day dentistry in North Little Rock, let Dean Dental take care of you. When it comes to dental care, we strive to provide our patients with quick, convenient, and efficient care, without ever sacrificing quality. By offering same day care services, we make dental care and oral health accessible and easy to receive. 

While same day crowns are an option for most patients, there are some circumstances that may require additional visits to our office, such as severely damaged teeth or teeth that need a complex procedure. In these cases, we will make sure to plan out your treatment in the most efficient way, on a schedule that works for you. When you visit us, we will only begin treatment when you’re completely comfortable and ready to start.

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