Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Specialist

For patients who are suffering with wisdom teeth pain, extraction may be the answer. Dr. John Dean, a dentist at Dean Dental Solutions in North Little Rock, AR, brings over 18 years experience in extractions that get patients out of pain at last.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Q & A

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Pain is one of the main reasons that people have wisdom teeth extracted. When the back teeth get trapped in the jaw or in the gums, they become impacted. This causes severe pain, sometimes making it difficult to eat normally. Teeth crowding is another big reason for this type of extraction. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth at the back of the mouth, and there sometimes just is not enough room for them to grow in without putting pressure on the other teeth. The continuous pressure from them growing in can compromise the root structure of the other molars and may eventually cause all of the teeth to shift out of alignment. If a person is having pain or teeth alignment problems, it is usually best to have those back teeth extracted before they can do even more damage to the other healthy teeth. We use conscious IV sedation to make sure everyone is comfortable.

What Is Wisdom Teeth Recovery Like?

Recovery can be different for each individual. Most people need to rest for a few days after removal. Many people can return to work in less than a week, but this does depend on the person and on how smooth their recovery is. Most people will have swelling, minor bleeding, and some pain during recovery. The dentist can prescribe medicine to help with the pain, and can also recommend over-the-counter options for pain relief. Ice packs may also be useful in alleviating swelling and pain. Most people will need to eat a soft diet after wisdom teeth removal. Usually, patients can begin eating again normally after a few days.

What Type of Sedation Is Used for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

During a wisdom teeth removal, most people will receive an oral sedative to help them relax. Patients will not experience pain because the dentist will administer an anesthetic to numb the extraction area. The sedative is so effective that many people are able to relax and even doze lightly during the wisdom teeth extraction procedure.