Are Your Wisdom Teeth Ready To Be Removed? 

Got pain in your jaw? Are your teeth starting to move in unfavorable ways? It might be time to get your wisdom teeth removed.

Today, getting your wisdom teeth removed is almost like a rite of passage. Many adults over the age of 18 choose to remove their third molars to prevent their teeth from crowding and other health issues.

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When should you get them removed?

Early adulthood is the best time to get your them removed. After the age of 18 you should talk with your dentist about your wisdom teeth. They will take x-rays to determine where your they are located and how far along they are in their development.

Teeth grow from the crown down to the root. If you allow your wisdom teeth grow for too long, they have the chance to take root in your jaw. They can still be extracted once they reach your jaw, but the process is more complicated. It is best, and easiest to get them removed before the roots reach the jaw bone.

Some people experience pain as their wisdom teeth develop. In this case it is much easier to determine when they need to be removed. Once you are experiencing pain in your jaw, see a dentist as soon as you can.

Why should you get them removed?

For a patient who is experiencing no pain or teeth crowding issues, it might seem unnecessary to remove their them. However, the longer you wait the more likely your wisdom teeth are to cause problems.

They have also been related to other health problems in the rest of your body. Most significantly, several studies have indicated that there is a 25% chance the lining around your wisdom teeth will become cancerous over time.

Why do we even have wisdom teeth?

A very common question we get at Dean Dental Solutions: If there isn’t room for them, why do they grow? The answer is more complicated then the question.

Many scientists are studying the evolution of our diets and how they are affecting our body’s growth. We are always learning and improving.

Here is a very simplified answer: Our mouths are underdeveloped.

Modern diets don’t have the nutrients needed to fully develop your jaw. According to most studies, the key vitamin causing this underdevelopment is Vitamin K2.