Many of us cringe at the idea of paying our dentists a regular visit. This is mainly because of two major reasons; the costs involved in the regular check-ups or the fears that follow the moment you think of sitting in that dental chair. Nonetheless, eventually, you just have to face your fear by force or by fate. Wisdom teeth extraction is the fear that almost every adult has to face.

Unfortunately, we tend to delay this extraction out of ignorance and carelessness. After reading the following reasons, you will know why you need wisdom teeth extraction now not later.


1. The Growth Issue

Wisdom does not come that easy. We meant the wisdom tooth. This tooth or teeth (as most people can have 4 wisdom teeth growing at once) can be a trouble due to its growth issue. It is possible these teeth would not grow straight and might grow on an angle that disturbs the positioning of your other teeth. In many cases, this tooth might just be trapped in your gums and you would not even realize till it’s too late.


2. Affected Gums

During the time your wisdom tooth is about to grow, you are likely to be subjected to gum inflammation. The flap-like shape that the gum takes during the wisdom tooth growth can end up becoming a pile of food debris. This bacteria piling up can make your gums swell and before this turns into a bigger disaster, it is better to get your wisdom tooth extracted and be done with this issue once and for all.


3. Can Not Eat Properly

Chances are you are having difficulty eating or chewing your food but you are unaware of the reasons. This can be a red flag, connoting it is time to see your dentist as soon as possible for wisdom teeth extraction. It can be your wisdom teeth that must be hardening your gums and you’re unable to open your mouth without pain. Your dentist might want you to get that disturbing tooth out now. Take the advice.


4. The Cyst Formulation

A wisdom tooth can be a real peril to the jaw bone, nerves, and other teeth if not removed in time. Delaying will only make it worse. For instance, a cyst is formed when the sac around the wisdom toothy gets filled with fluids and starts to irritate the person, causing them immense pain.


5. Cavities and Irritation

The wisdom teeth growth phase can be very irritating as you have to endure a lot of pain. If you cannot take the pain, then it is best in your interest to get the wisdom teeth extraction done now, not later. This irritation can be a result of the cavities that take birth in the gum tissues due to the inability to properly clean the wisdom tooth up.

If you are experiencing any aforementioned symptoms, it’s time you get your wisdom teeth extracted and live pain-free.