Teeth cleaning is usually considered to be a dead simple task. After all, it includes simply brushing your teeth, how technical could it get? Well, it might seem simple and easy, and we agree that it is not rocket science to brush your teeth, however, the majority of us might be doing it wrong. Here is a list of mistakes you make while cleaning your teeth.


1. Using an expired toothbrush:

The average life of a toothbrush is three months (if you use it twice a day every day) and using the same toothbrush more than 200 times deteriorates its bristles. The worn out or broken fibers lose their flexibility and do not clean your teeth properly. Therefore, you must discard your toothbrush after every three months.


2. Rinsing mouth with water right after brushing:

You might want to wash your mouth after cleaning your teeth out of habit. However, when you rinse your mouth with water right after brushing, it washes off the fluoride present in the toothpaste you use and impedes its effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, after cleaning teeth, if you want to rinse your mouth, you must do it with a mouth-wash containing fluoride so that the teeth stay protected with the much-needed fluoride.


3. Not using the right kind of toothbrush:

Yes! That’s right. There is a right kind of toothbrush for everyone, based on various teeth types, sizes and shapes of every individual. Some of you have soft gums and sensitive teeth which cannot be treated with a toothbrush having hard bristles and vice versa. It is crucial to use the right kind of toothbrush for cleaning your teeth because by using the wrong type, you might be damaging your teeth instead of taking care of them.


4. Not cleaning enough or cleaning too much:

If you are brushing more than two times a day every day, you are being brutal to your teeth. Because brushing your teeth frequently and for too long can wear out the teeth enamel by making it soggy.

Likewise, if you are not cleaning teeth at least twice a day, you are being insensitive to your dental hygiene because you should not leave these pearls of your mouth unattended for so long. By brushing them too less, you are helping tar and plaque to nest in your mouth and damage your teeth.


5. Not flossing your teeth:

Using a toothbrush for dental cleaning is not enough. The food particles might reach those nooks and corners of your teeth which are not accessible to the toothbrush. Therefore, flossing becomes all the more important for complete teeth cleaning.


6. Not using the right motion or technique:

Most of you use back and forth motion while cleaning teeth, whereas, the correct technique is using the brush in circular motion. The circular motion is not only gentler but more effective tool for cleaning the gaps in your teeth.


7. Cleaning your teeth right after a meal:

Please keep this one in mind! You must not clean your teeth right after a meal. The acids and sugars present in your food soften the enamel of your teeth which can wear off with brushing, therefore, exposing your teeth to sensitivity.

To avoid that, you must avoid cleaning teeth right after taking a meal. Instead, wait for around 30 minutes and first rinse your mouth with plain water. It’s not that tough after all, is it?

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