Wisdom teeth are usually considered to be the ‘good for nothing’ part of your mouth. Neither do they add to the beauty, nor are they helpful for grinding the food in your mouth. Instead, they can be a source of pain within your mouth, and sometimes even to the whole body because of their positioning.

Hence, dentists often recommend people to undergo wisdom teeth extraction. However, before you get yourself an appointment for wisdom tooth removal, keep the following things in mind.



Bring someone with you

Make sure to bring someone with yourself when you visit your dentist for wisdom tooth extraction. This is not for moral support only. During the extraction procedure, you are given anesthesia, and its effect might linger for a few hours, due to which you might not be able to drive properly on your way back home. Therefore, you must have someone by your side.



Few post-surgery measures

You might feel discomfort or pain after the effect of anesthesia is gone. Bleeding and swelling of mouth is also expected. For pain, take your prescribed medicines. And for swelling, you must keep your head raised so that fluids are pulled away from your head.

Also, do not spit or use a straw within the first 24 hours of wisdom teeth extraction; this can prevent the formation of a blood clot that you need to heal, and can possibly lead you to a painful condition known as dry socket.



Stick to soft and cold edibles

After your wisdom tooth is extracted, the whole mouth becomes sensitive. Therefore, you must not risk your oral recovery with everyday foods. Chewable foods and hot beverages might aggravate the treated area’s recovery. It is advised that you must only stick to soft foods preferably cold such as ice-creams, shakes, smoothies, etc.



Do not brush for a day or so

We know this sounds gross, but this is for quick healing. Brushing within 24 hours of wisdom tooth extraction can prevent the treated area from healing because of hard bristles of the toothbrush. Brushing and even spitting or rinsing may dislodge the blood clot, leading to slow healing and aggravation of wound.



Rest for a day or two

Before getting your wisdom teeth extracted, be prepared that you will have to use heavy medications for pain relief after tooth removal. You might want to sleep or rest for a day or two till the pain is gone. Therefore, you are suggested to get it removed when you can afford to take at least two days off.



You can get all the teeth done in one appointment

We know that sometimes the discomfort caused by wisdom teeth is so unbearable that you want to get rid of all four of them in one appointment. Well, that is a possibility and a very viable one. The amount of pain and discomfort caused by one molar removal or all four molar extraction is going to be the same, so will be the recovery period.

By getting all four wisdom teeth extracted at once, you would not have to miss too much on work or your day-to-day schedule. Also, after your wisdom teeth extraction, all you can eat is soft cold food for the first day. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are getting one out or all of them out at once.

Keep the above advice in mind, and you’re good to go with your wisdom teeth extraction. Bravo for taking this step and getting rid of the pain once and for all!

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