Have you ever closed your eyes and secretly hoped that the problems you’re facing would automatically disappear? But the sad reality is, they don’t. Ignoring or avoiding a problem doesn’t help solve it. In fact, it just worsens the situation.

Now most people don’t go for dental insurance because they feel like they would never need dental care in the first place. On the other hand, research shows that people who do not have dental health covered in their health insurance policies have to spend an outrageous amount on dental treatment due to lack of preventive dental care.

So it is highly recommended to secure dental insurance as you are going to need treatment eventually, if not today then tomorrow. That said, here are 5 SUPER important facts you MUST know about dental insurance.


1.Dental Insurance And Health Insurance Are NOT The Same

Most of the dental insurance plans cover only preventive measures like examination, cleanings, bleaching, X-rays and stuff like this. When it comes to major treatments like extractions, fillings, or cosmetic work most dental health plans cover only a certain percentage of the expenses or cost (or not at all!). So, be mentally prepared that for big treatments, you will have to pay a percentage of the total cost incurred.



2. Corrective Care Is Excluded From The Plan

Mostly, corrective care like cosmetic measures and cosmetic treatments are excluded from dental insurance plans. Even the dental plans that you buy personally from the private market do not cover braces and orthodontics. Sometimes, in a work-based policy, a fixed amount is paid for cosmetic care. However, most of the time, these are the expenses that you pay out of your pocket.


3. Pick Health Maintenance Organization

One thing you must not ignore while getting dental insurance is that instead of going for Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you should pick Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Although PPO has more number of consultants on its penal, yet only dental HMO can give you the quality services that you deserve.


4. Dental Schools

Here is a million dollar tip that can help you save all the money you were going to spend on dental health and dental insurance… Dental schools.

Schools of dentistry give you an excellent and professional treatment which comes at a reduced cost or at such minimal cost that it doesn’t burden your pocket. All the dental treatment is done by students of dentistry under the supervision of a veteran instructor. Since they get a score for their conduct, therefore, they invest all their diligence and efforts in treating your teeth with the utmost care. Sometimes they only charge for the cost of tools used for inspection of your teeth.


5. Know the details of your plan

Before getting a dental insurance policy, we would recommend you to check the cost and the number of services your plan covers. Also, most dental insurance plans remain in effect for at least one year. So make sure that you make the most of your plan within that time period.