Three reasons to say goodbye to wisdom teeth, today!


1. Your wisdom teeth will likely cause you pain.

It’s common knowledge that wisdom teeth are painful but what is less known is how they get to be such a pain.

Wisdom teeth get infected most of the time and the reason why is the teeth partially erupt from the gums leaving them defenseless against bacteria and disease.

When the gums and semi-erupted the tooth gets infected. This can cause pain in the form of earaches, sore throats, jaw soreness, swollen lymph glands, and gum infection. Bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth are results of an infection in the gums.


2. Wisdom teeth tend to grow awkwardly, which leads to problems.

Wisdom teeth left to their own devices can grow in all sorts of painful and awkward ways, some even come in horizontally.

Seventeen-year-old to twenty-five-year-old people have these teeth coming in and while most have the standard four, some experience oddities of five, three, two or only one.

Even at the singularity of having one wisdom tooth, it can be destructive to the rest of the mouth and the other teeth. Causing teeth to jut out in uncomfortable positions and not correctly align with the teeth around, above or below them, provoking gum infection.


3. Left untreated, wisdom teeth can become quite the hassle.

Having wisdom teeth removed is seen as a hassle and something you should avoid unless you absolutely cannot handle the pain when in truth, you’re going to want those teeth out sooner rather than later as they will disrupt the rest of your teeth unpleasantly.

The removal happens when they cause pain or often much before they get the chance.


Get ahead of the curb of wisdom teeth and have them out today.


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