What should you expect from a professional teeth whitening?

Your teeth should have a uniformly whiter appearance after you have professional teeth whitening. However, the full-color change of your teeth may not be apparent for two to six weeks, according to the American Dental Association. You may experience some side effects after professional teeth whitening, such as sensitive teeth. These side effects are usually mild and short lasting. 


Who Benefits from Teeth Whitening? 

Tea, cigarettes, coffee, and wine are common culprits of tooth discoloration. Some foods may also leave your teeth discolored.

The color of teeth varies from mouth to mouth. Some people naturally have whiter teeth than others. Someone rarely has a natural brilliant-white smile.

As you age, teeth become more yellow because of the dentin yellows. Dentin is the inner part of the tooth. The enamel is the surface of the tooth, which is subject to staining. As the enamel thins, the yellowed dentin shows through.

The more stained your teeth are, the harder it will be to get a pearly smile. It may also require more than one session with your dentist. Veneers are an option for people whose teeth can’t be helped by whitening. Furthermore, tooth trauma from an impact or fall can cause a discolored tooth. Whitening won’t help this. Talk to your dentist about your best options. 


Trust the Professionals 

We all know there are at-home whitening options available. You’ve probably seen the commercials and read the magazine ads. If there is an at-home option, why should you turn to a professional? Well, professional in-office teeth whitening produces results the fastest. At-home options can take weeks, if not months, so if you want results fast, you’ll need to visit a professional. It is also the safest option because you are being cared for by a dentist. Also, gum and tooth sensitivity are more controllable in an office setting, so those with sensitivity issues might benefit from professional whitening.

It’s important to consider all possibilities when opting for the best teeth whitening you can find. Consult your dentist for any issues before, during, and after the sessions.

Remember to follow the recommendations of your dental health professional. Professional teeth whitening can succeed or fail depending on what you do before and after the session.